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Captain Pauline Carter
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Captain Carter serves as the Academy Director of the Capitol Area Regional Training Academy (CARTA) She was employed with the Department of Corrections (Angola) from 1989-1991. In October of 1991, Captain Carter was sworn in as a Deputy for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. Since that time she has served in various positions; Corrections, Communications, Transportation, Training coordinator for Defensive Tactics and Assistant Academy Director for CARTA. She has also attained various training in Law Enforcement, from numerous schools and is a graduate of LSU Basic Law Enforcement Academy 138th session. In 1998, Captain Carter was the first defensive tactics instructor for EBRSO. Captain Carter is a qualified course instructor in ACA, POST FBI Development, PPCT/ Defensive Tactics, Physical Fitness, and The Equalizer Women’s Self-Defense. She has also received various awards; including, Physical Fitness Award (LSU Basic Training Academy) Barnes and Noble YMCA women of Achievement Nominee, Law Enforcement of the Year Early Risers Kiwanis Club, and Support Supervisor of the year EBRSO. She has been married to Terryl M. Carter Sr. for 20 years and they have a son Terryl M. Carter Jr. She is a member of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church 9700 Scenic Hwy. where everybody is somebody and Jesus is the head. She speaks to various public/private organizations on Personal Safety. Captain Carter has always and will always be dedicated to God, family and public service.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me Philippians 4:13

Director of Training Captain Blake Banta

Captain Blake Banta serves as the Director of Training for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. He began his career with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in 1989 as a corrections officer for five years. He was selected as a member of the Special Community Anti-Crime Team (SCAT) and served as a Field Training Officer in that division for ten years. While serving for the SCAT Team, Capt. Banta joined the SWAT Team and held positions as Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, and Assistant SWAT Commander for 15 years. He was also assigned to the Training Division for ten years, served as Night Supervisor for the Parish Prison for a year, and was assigned to the Firearms Training Unit for two years. He has received extensive training in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Close Quarter Battle Tactics, SWAT Tactics, and Maritime Tactics. Captain Banta holds or held instructor level certifications in the following: Post Firearms Instructor, FBI Firearms Instructor, Select Fire Instructor, POST IDC Instructor, SWAT Instructor, Simunitions Instructor, ALEART (Active Shooter) Instructor, Taser Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Warriors know this….. There are things worth fighting, and dying for. We know that not every problem can be solved through rational discussion…. that some problems can only be solved through the application of force and violence. And while we do prefer the former… we are perfectly capable of the latter. We believe that fighting what others fear is honorable, noble, and just…. And are willing to pay the price for that deeply held belief. Why? For us, it’s not a choice… We are simply built that way.

Academy Mission Statement:
To provide the trainee with the basic working knowledge of police skills using the most advanced state of the art technology, procedures, technique, skills and survival tactics available in today’s law enforcement community. We also strive to ensure each student graduates with demonstrated character, knowledge, problem-solving abilities, human relations, communication and physical skills needed to meet the professional standards required of a peace officer.

Motto: Without self-discipline success is impossible.







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