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Captain Kyle Webb began his law enforcement career in 1993 with the Iberville Sheriff's Office in its Uniform Patrol Division. He attended the 120th LSU Basic Academy in 1994. During his eleven years with Iberville Sheriff's Office he served 9 years in Uniform Patrol where he was promoted to the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant during that time. Captain Webb also served 2 years as a Narcotics Detective assigned to a joint anti-narcotics task force. He served on the Iberville Sheriff's SWAT team where he held the position of a breacher, entry/operator, before he progressed to a team leaders position during his tenure. 

Captain Webb’s first instructor certification was with the Freeze +P pepper spray in 1996. During his time with Iberville Sheriff's Office he became an instructor in various disciplines including EVOC, Defensive Tactics (both PPCT and Monadnock), and SWAT. He became a POST Firearms Instructor in 1999 where he began teaching at the LSU Basic Academy. 

In 2004, Captain Webb came to work at the  East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office where he was assigned to the Parish Prison before moving onto Communications the following year. In 2007, he was transferred to Uniform Patrol at Kleinpeter Substation. During his time at Kleinpeter Substation, Captain Webb became a supervisor with the Field Training Officer program when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in Uniform Patrol. Captain Webb served in that position for several years before being promoted to Lieutenant at Gardere Substation. 

In 2014, he was transferred to the Firearms Training Unit as the Lieutenant where he began teaching Basic Firearms at CARTA, as well as courses for in-service training. In 2020 he was promoted to the Rank of Captain of the Firearms Training Unit. 

Firearms Training Unit
The primary mission of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Firearms Training Unit is to train new Deputies to become safe and competent with issued handguns, shotguns, and patrol carbines through a multifaceted training program consisting of:

  • Fundamental Marksmanship
  • Combat/Survival Shooting
  • Scenario Based Tactical Training
  • Judgmental Shooting
  • Less Lethal Device Training (tasers, shotgun bean bag rounds, etc)

The Firearms Training Unit is staffed by 8 Instructors, who carry multiple certifications from recognized organizations such as Louisiana Police Officer Standards and Training Council, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Blackwater USA, SigArms Academy, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Ruger, Bushmaster, Action Target Training Academy and the National Rifle Association.

The FTU has among its staff 4 members of the EBRSO SWAT Team, 3 of which are Maritime Response Trained, 2 are Rescue/Recovery Divers, and all FTU staff are certified armorers for the various office issued weapons.

The FTU brings to the Deputies of the EBRSO and Cadets of the Capital Area Regional Training Academy over 100 years of firearms instruction experience.

The EBRSO FTU also provides training to the citizens of South Louisiana in the form of Concealed Carry Permit classes that are conducted at the EBRSO Range and Tactical Training Facility.

A Deputy working on her sight alignment.

SWAT Member sharing tactics with uniformed Deputies.

Captain Washington mentoring a shooter.




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