Parish Prison

Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Grimes
2867 Brig. General Isaac Smith Scotlandville, LA 70807
Phone: (225) 355-3311
Fax: (225) 358-4100

Warden Dennis Grimes came to EBRSO in April 2008 at the request of the Sheriff as a true corrections professional with more than twenty-three years experience. He began his career in Corrections in 1985 at Hunts Correctional and transferred to Dixon Correctional Institute in 1989, where he advanced through the ranks to Assistant Warden. He is married to Paula Grimes and attends Turning Point Worship Center. Warden Grimes oversees all aspects of the prison. He is committed to rehabilitation and stopping the revolving door. Since coming on at the prison he has helped implement numerous rehabilitation programs including expanding work release and GED, starting parenting classes and a faith-based wing.

Parish Prison
The East Baton Rouge Parish Prison is run and staffed by the Sheriff's Office. Over 1500 inmates are housed at this facility; 1410 males and 184 females. Over 350 Deputies are employed at the Prison, including secretarial workers, guards, and administrative staff.

Of course, the prison serves a very important function in East Baton Rouge Parish, keeping those people off of the streets who are a danger to the law-abiding citizens. The prison does have several programs in place which strive to help these inmates to learn the error of their ways and to become viable parts of the community upon their release. These programs include a GED program which enables the inmates to earn a high school equivalency diploma, physical fitness programs and an extensive library. The prison also features it's own chapel to stress to the inmates the value of virtue, and to provide them with a place to reflect upon their wrongdoings.

For inmate information such as Bond Amounts, Charges, and Visitation Schedules please call 1-800-414-7685. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Major Catherine Fontenot
Deputy Warden

Catherine Fontenot has worked in the field of corrections and public safety for 26 years. On July 9, 2018, she was chosen to be the Major of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. She recently served as the Major of Corrections for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. As a member of the Sheriff’s command, she was responsible for overseeing corrections operations at the downtown correctional center, the direct supervision/reentry unit, the transitional work facility, the community corrections campus, the juvenile justice services division and the Acadiana Recovery Center.

She served as a special assistant at the Louisiana Department of Justice, the state of Louisiana’s watchdog. She is considered to be a corrections expert having served 22 years with the LA Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Starting at the "top and working her way down," from Corrections Cadet at a state medium security prison to Assistant Warden of Programming at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Ms. Fontenot is a believer in moral rehabilitation. "Offenders want to be clean, safe and know they are paid attention too - whether their actions are good or bad, they need to know that others are affected by what they are doing."

Fontenot earned degrees in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Criminology as well as passed the ACA's Certified Corrections Executive exam. She is an adjunct professor for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and previously taught students enrolled at the Louisiana Technical College Greensburg Branch and the Baton Rouge Community College. She is passionate about promoting professionalism and correcting deviant behavior and encourages those working in the field to write about their experiences - as she does. Ms. Fontenot is past president of the North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents, past president of the Louisiana Correctional Association, member of the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Board and is a fellow of The British American Project and the Royal Society of Arts.

She received the Charles E. Dunbar award in 2014 after twice being named an honorable mention recipient of the state's top civil service award for career service. Fontenot has worked on award winning movies, documentaries and historic events which have brought world-wide attention to today's challenging correctional issues, including subjects such as the "graying of prisons," hospice, moral rehabilitation and is currently tackling and researching the impact of peer mentoring on recidivism rates using long-term inmates as teachers for short-termers. She understands the need for greater reentry support for incarcerated women. She is a proponent for victim and survivor empowerment modeled programs within the criminal justice system.

Ms. Fontenot is the mother of three wonderfully brilliant children who she hopes will one day make their own positive contributions to peace in our communities.

Captain Johnny Scott
Chief of Security

Captain Johnny L. Scott Jr. serves as Chief of Security for Prison Operations with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office. Capt. He has worked for the office for the past three years. He has held positions of prison deputy, Central Booking processor and Central Booking Supervisor. Prior to employment with the Sheriff's Office, Capt. Scott worked 27 years with the Louisiana State Department of Public Safety and Corrections serving in the Adult and Juvenile Sections until he retired with in 2004. Prior to retirement, Capt. Scott held numerous security positions including Institutional Warden in the Juvenile section. Capt. Scott has had extensive training and experience with inmate populations of all ages. In addition, Capt. Scott has had several years experience with the LA Corrections Emergency Response units and is certified in Critical Incident Management. He also was a Board Member on the Louisiana Association of Warden's and Superintendents.




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