Online Ticket Payment FAQ's

What if I have a specific question regarding my traffic ticket?

For any questions or concerns regarding your ticket, you may call the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's fine desk at 389-4836.

Can I search the system for my tickets using my driver's license number or license plate number?

Our ticket payment system only allows users to search the system by using the ticket number from the top of the ticket, and the offender's date of birth.

What types of tickets can be paid by using the on-line ticket payment system?

Only moving or non-moving offenses that do not require a mandatory court appearance. Any tickets involving a traffic accident or any criminal charges will not be able to be paid using the system. Any tickets that are left unpaid by their court date will require a court appearance.

Will I be allowed to pay only part of my ticket?

The on-line ticket payment system is only able to process the total amount due for the ticket.

What if I do not have a credit card?

 Our on-line ticket payment system will also allow users to pay by check. If you are only able to pay by cash or money order, you will have to pay your ticket at the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office Fine Desk.

Will there be an additional charge for using a credit card or check to pay my traffic tickets?

For a chart of the on-line payment fees, click here.

How can I keep a ticket or misdemeanor off my record?

   There are two Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Laws, Article 892.1 and Article 894 that provide a method to keep a ticket or misdemeanor offense off of your record. To participate in either one of these programs, you must pay the fine and applicable driving school fee. Payment and scheduling can be completed by a personal appearance or a payment can be mailed along with a written request to participate in the program. A court appearance date will be given to you according to the applicable programs indicated below. If your payment and request is made by mail, you will receive your notice by mail. Please contact the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Fine Desk at 389-4836 for more details.

Will I get a receipt for tickets paid on-line?

Yes a receipt with confirmation number is given at the end of the transaction. It may be printed, and the receipt is also emailed to the address entered on the site.

Possible reasons that your ticket cannot be found in the system:

  • Incorrect ticket number
  • Incorrect court ( ONLY tickets issued by East Baton Rouge Sheriffs and LSU Police Deputies will be able to be paid)
  • Ticket requires a court date
  • Past Due the court date
  • Ticket is already paid
  • Ticket is not yet posted. (Please allow 10-14 days for the ticket to be posted into the on-line system. If your ticket is still unavailable, contact the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Fine Desk at 389-4836







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