Starting October 11th, visitation for Female Facility will be video visitation only. Male video visitation will be available at a later date. To sign up for video visitation, please follow the link below:

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, LA - The Visitor by ICSolutions (

Continuing Prison precautions due to rise of Delta Variant Virus in EBR Parish – EBRPP Operations

In continuing to protect staff and our prisoner population as well as the general public we are implementing the following operational procedures and practices. Conditions below that are bolded are updates to the allowances previously provided on July 27, 2021. 

Effective Tuesday, August 3, 2021, two free calls per week to family for inmates has been reinstated. Also we will end the practice of recording actual temps of all who enter the parish prison and only record those who have high temperatures. Also we are clarifying that while visitation by anyone other than EBRSO, medical and emergency workers, and arresting agencies will be suspended, we are still allowing, as our staffing allows us to do, non-contact visitation to those who are interviewing or accessing for release preparation purposes.

  • Approved visitation is suspended until further notice.  Two free phone calls per week per inmate are being provided.
  • Non-contact attorney visitation is also suspended until further notice. Attorneys can contact for more information regarding inmate calls.  These calls are not free at this time; however, they are privileged and unrecorded.  All messages for inmates to contact their attorneys can be sent to for delivery to inmates.
  • Paperwork requiring an inmate’s signature may be sent via mail or can be forwarded to and for handling.  Staff on site can serve as witnesses to inmate’s signing documents. 
  • Agencies requesting non-contact interviews with inmates must make their requests in writing to for handling. 
  • The health care of inmates at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison is provided by CorrectHealth, LLC.   All medical decisions related to the health care of inmates at the jail are made by CorrectHealth, LLC.  Any questions about the health care of an inmate at the jail should be directed to CorrectHealth, LLC. Their contact information is:            

Correct Health, LLC | East Baton Rouge Parish Prison

2867 Brig. General Isaac Smith Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70807

Phone: (225) 358-4644 ext. 7232 | Fax: (225) 358-4647


A directory of departments and more information is available by calling (225) 389-5000.



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