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Captain Todd Martin
SWAT Commander
100 St. Ferdinand Street Rm. 203
Baton Rouge, La 70802
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Captain Todd Martin serves as the commander of the EBRSO Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) and the Maritime Tactical Team. He began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 2001 as a Corrections Officer, and later became a detective with the Narcotics division after graduating from the LSU Basic Police Academy. Captain Martin has also worked at the Firearms Training Facility as a firearms and tactics instructor and the Research and Development Division where he served as the Grants Coordinator.

Captain Martin has been a member of the SWAT Team since 2004 and has held the positions or Breaching Team Leader, Element Leader and Team Leader. He holds instructor level certifications in Tactical Pistol, Tactical Rifle, Distraction Devices, Chemical Munitions and is a SWAT Instructor. He has received extensive training in SWAT Tactics, Firearms, Mechanical, Thermal, Ballistic and Explosive Breaching, Urban Search and Rescue and Port Security Tactics.

Captain Martin also serves as Assistant Commander of the Marine Search and Rescue Division, Assistant Dive Team Leader, and as an instructor for the EBRSO C.A.R.T.A. Academy.

Captain Darryl Armentor, M.S.
MSAR Commander, JTF7 Manager
100 West Irene Road
Zachary, La 70791
Phone: (225) 389-8268
Fax: (225) 389-8272
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Captain Darryl Armentor began his career in law enforcement as a Reserve Deputy with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office in 1993. The following year, he joined the Baton Rouge Police Department as a full-time police officer. After serving with BRPD for nine years in Uniform Patrol, Detectives, and Crime Analysis, Lt. Armentor returned to EBRSO in 2003. Since joining EBRSO, Lt. Armentor has served as a detective, Commander of Computer Operations, Crime Analysis, LSP liaison, and FBI-JTTF. In addition, his part-time responsibilities included seven years as a SWAT Entry Operator and Element Leader. Currently, Lt. Armentor is a POST certified Firearms Instructor assigned to the EBRSO Firearms Training Division, Commander of the Marine Search and Rescue Division, and EBRSO Manager for the Joint Terrorism Task Force 7. Lt. Armentor has over ten years experience in maritime law enforcement and port security. He holds a US Coast Guard Captain's License and has training in Urban Search and Rescue, Port Security Tactics, and SONAR operations. Additionally, Lt. Armentor is certified as a boating instructor by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. Lt. Armentor holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance from LSU and is a reservist with the US Coast Guard.

Special Operations Group

The Special Operations Group (SOG) within EBRSO fulfills the need for tactical and maritime responsibilities for the Sheriff’s Office. The SOG consists of five groups:

1.     Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team

The mission of the EBRSO SWAT team is to respond to any emergency that is outside the scope of normal law enforcement operations. Those unusual situations could be a hostage situation, high risk drug warrant service, terrorist threat or attack.

Members of the SWAT Team are on an on call basis. They serve in a fulltime capacity throughout the Sheriff's Office in divisions such as Uniform Patrol, Detectives, Narcotics, and Training. The EBRSO SWAT team also has reserve Deputies who are Medical Doctors, Paramedics, and Firefighters in their full-time jobs. Their special skills are an asset to the team, as well as the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish.

The SWAT Team consists of members that receive training and certifications in a variety of specialties.

Entry Operator – All members of the SWAT Team are trained as Entry Operators. These Operators are qualified to make tactical entry into structures when situational factors demand law enforcement officers enter a structure in order to resolve a high risk situation.

Breacher – Select members of the SWAT team are trained in creating entry points by force or stealth.

Precision Marksman (Sniper) – Select members of the SWAT team have specialized equipment to afford protection to citizens from safe distances.

Less-Lethal Operator – Select members of the SWAT team have additional training and less-than-lethal equipment designed to subdue uncooperative subjects without resorting to lethal force.

MARTAC Coxswain – Select members of the SWAT Marine Tactical Unit, who are also Coxswains in the Marine Search and Rescue Division, operate the watercraft used for marine tactical deployments.

Support/Logistics – SWAT operations and training require an enormous volume of equipment and other resources. SWAT has several deputies trained to operate and service the specialized equipment used by the SWAT team. These SWAT Support deputies deploy with SWAT during operations.

Legal – The SWAT team has an attorney as part of its team. The attorney provides legal training and guidance during training and other situations.

2.     Marine Search & Rescue Division (MSAR)

The MSAR Division performs most of the maritime role for EBRSO. This division was formally created in 2009 to address the growing maritime mission in the Baton Rouge area. Since EBR Parish encompasses 40 miles of the Mississippi River and is bordered by rivers on three sides, EBRSO must have full maritime capabilities in port security, search and rescue, and dive-recovery. MSAR addresses these needs.

a.     Marine Patrol: EBRSO deputies conduct general maritime law enforcement patrol and rescue operations.

b.    Search & Rescue: MSAR deputies respond to emergency situations on the water such as persons over-board boats and drownings. MSAR deputies are trained in rescue techniques and search patterns. In addition, MSAR is assigned specialized night vision and thermal equipment which enhances its ability to search for persons in the water.

c.      Dive Team: The Dive Team consists of 12 deputies with multiple dive certifications including Open Water, Public Safety Diver, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, and Dive Instructor. The Dive Team operates sophisticated dive equipment including SCUBA, AUGA, and Hardhat with surface supplied air. The Dive Team has completed a wide variety of missions including person-in-water rescue/recovery, recovering victims of drowning, searching through sunken vessels, ship hull scans, sunken vehicle recovery, and numerous other law enforcement related operations.

d.    Sonar Operations: EBRSO possesses three sonar systems including Marine Sonic Side Scan Sonar and Coda Octopus Underwater Inspection System. These systems are used to conduct a variety of underwater scan operations.

In addition to MSAR, other maritime roles within EBRSO are fulfilled by other groups:

3.     Marine Tactical Unit

The MARTAC Unit is a highly specialized team within the EBRSO Special Weapons & Tactics Team (SWAT) with the specific purpose of conducting high risk boardings of watercraft and waterfront facilities.

4.     Emergency Services Unit

The Emergency Services Unit (ESU) provides rapid response to life-threatening incidents and other emergency situations. In many cases, ESU establishes immediate services including containment, evacuation, tactical/medical support, negotiations and intelligence. In addition, ESU conducts tactical and other training, assists various departments including, but not limited to Uniform Patrol, Narcotics, Warrants, Community Policing, Violent Crimes Unit and SCAT. ESU also patrols the community and supplements Uniform Patrol when call volumes are high, when assistance is required in setting up perimeters and in special community initiatives such as warrant roundups. ESU also serves as a land and water rescue unit. Members of ESU are trained as rescue divers, Swift Water Rescue Technicians, and Urban Search and Rescue Technicians. EBRSO ESU is a support element of the Louisiana Region II Urban Search and Rescue Team. ESU is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS). The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is only one of three in Louisiana to receive the COPS grant.

5.     Joint Task Force 7

East Baton Rouge Parish is within a major port of national significance. The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is farthest inland “Deep Water Port” in the United States able to serve as a port facility to international ships. Thousands of tons of the nation’s products transit the Mississippi River through East Baton Rouge Parish in route to foreign countries. Numerous production and transportation facilities are located on the Mississippi River in the Baton Rouge area including ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and other critical port facilities. Responsibility for protection of the nationally significant commercial interests along the Mississippi River is shared by the private facilities, the US Coast Guard, and the Sheriff’s along the Mississippi River corridor.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office takes its responsibility for maritime security seriously. In 2011, Sheriff Gautreaux entered into an agreement with the US Coast Guard and six other Sheriff’s in the Baton Rouge area to enhance maritime security in this area.

JTF-7 is a special partnership between seven parish Sheriffs, the US Coast Guard, and other state, federal, and private partners within the Port of Greater Baton Rouge.

JTF7’s mission is to guard and protect our citizens and the valuable assets in and around the maritime community against any act of terrorism. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is a full member of JTF7. MSAR and SWAT-MARTAC serve as the representative components of EBRSO to JTF7. For more information, refer to the JTF7 website.

To accomplish the variety of maritime missions within the EBRSO Special Operations Group, the Office has numerous assets including:

  • Tactical Rescue/Response Vehicle (Armored Truck).
  • Chemical and Biological Hazard Protective Clothing and Breathing Apparatus for SWAT Response.
  • Sophisticated Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, and other electronic equipment.
  • A 32-foot Sea Ark Cabin Cruiser Patrol Boat, Miss Margery, equipped with full electronics, a high-power Xenon Search Light with Infra-red and FLIR capabilities. This boat is named in honor of the late wife of former Sheriff Elmer Litchfield.
  • A 27-foot Sea Ark Center Console Response Boat, Miss Suzy, equipped with full electronics. This boat is named in honor of Sheriff Sid Gautreaux’s wife.
  • A 27-foot SAFE Boat equipped with full electronics and climate control.
  • 6 rescue boats for emergency and flood response.
  • Fully equipped dive trailer with specialized tow truck.    
  • Numerous All-Terrain Vehicles for conducting high water rescues.          
  • Additional underwater electronics.        

The EBRSO has conducted marine rescue and marine search and recovery operations throughout Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas. Operations have included responses to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustave, and Isaac plus other major maritime special events.

In addition to operations, the EBRSO deputies actively train using this sophisticated equipment assigned to SOG. The EBRSO has published a document, Underwater Recovery Operations for Law Enforcement: An Introduction to Theory, Equipment, and Procedures Using Side Scan Sonar, to assist other law enforcement agencies in using side scan sonar equipment. In addition to the above document, EBRSO has created and published a training presentation in the theoretical aspects and specific procedures of establishing search grids using Hypack Navigational software. The presentation is available free of charge at the following link: Hypack Presentation. Law enforcement and other public safety agencies interested in conducting joint training exercises or requesting assistance from the EBRSO SOG can contact Lt. Darryl Armentor (225) 389-8268 or Capt. Todd Martin at (225) 389-5000. 



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